Thicketty Mountain Farms

Thicketty Mountain Farms is a small, family-owned farm. They offer free-range eggs, pastured chickens, fruits, vegetables and herbs and are committed to producing fresh, local, healthy and sustainable food. Currently, the farm consists of Black Angus beef cows, Hereford cows, LaMancha dairy goats, Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, hens, pastured broilers and 2.5 acres of organic vegetables.

Product List

Arugula Beets Broccoli Cabbage Cantaloupes
Cauliflower Carrots Collards Cucumbers Eggplant
Green beans Kale Mustard greens Okra Potatoes
Peppers Radishes Romaine lettuce Salad mix Sweet Corn
Sweet potatoes Swiss chard Tomatoes Turnips Turnip greens
Watermelon Cut flowers