Perdeaux Fruit Farm

Perdeaux Fruit Farm grows 12 types of deciduous fruits--approx.110 varieties. The large number of varieties are grown so each type fruit can be harvested tree and vine ripe for as long a season as possible. Along with selling it's fresh fruits and processed products at TD Saturday market. Perdeaux has a retail market with a fruit processing room on S.C. Scenic Hwy. 11 in northern Greenville county. 

Perdeaux makes 12+ kinds of fancy fresh fruit preserves, jellies and sauces. Along with just about the best fresh apple cider and fresh apple sauces you have ever tasted. Perdeaux has pure mountain honey made by their bee right on the farm. Can take walking tour of this beautiful "foothills" fruit farm--no charge.

Product List

Apples Pears    Asian Pear Apples             
Muscadines YaLi Chinese Pears  
Fresh Fruit Preserves      
Strawberry Blackberry Peach Blueberry
Blueberry Apple Cider Jelly Blueberry Plum
Apple Cider Honey