Green Valley Farms

Green Valley Farms is a sustainable farm located in Marietta, South Carolina on the banks of the scenic Saluda river. They do not use synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Everything is grown all naturally! They focus primarily on fresh produce production as well as pasture raised pork. They have 20 acres of fields in which we grow different varieties of vegetables. Their philosophy is to provide an option so that individuals can get all their vegetables/meal from one farm! 

Green Valley currently operate on a 55 acre property. Their fields are dedicated to vegetable production as well as 9000 square feet of hoop houses which allow them to get plants in early ( such as tomatoes) and extend growing seasons deep into the winter. They work with several companies, such as Bon Appetit, Aramark and Table 301 and are well known for their quality and affordability!


Product List

Broccoli Brussels Sprouts Cauliflower Cabbage Carrots
Beets Radishes Kale Arugula Collards
Spinach Mustard Greens Turnip Greens Salad Blends Tomatoes
Yellow Squash Zucchini Beans Radishes Corn
Cantaloupe Okra Watermelon Cucumbers Butternut Squash
Herbs Leafy Greens Bok Choy Pork Products