Banana Manna

Owners Chancey Lindsey-Peake and her husband Denis specialize in 15 varieties of banana breads and pound cakes and are based out of Greenville. Their mission is to provide the freshest, moistest and tastiest custom baked banana bread you have ever put in your mouth. The best part of their mission is the LOVE that is baked into every loaf.

Product List

Original Banana Banana Walnut Chocolate Pumplin Cranberry
Sugar-Free Banana Sugar-Free Banana Walnut Fully Loaded Banana Blueberry
Gluten-Free Banana Gluten-Free Banana Walnut Chocolate Banana Pumpkin
Paleo Banana Paleo Banana Walnut Paleo Chocolate Banana Pound Cake
Strawberries Zucchini Bread    
Banana Manna