Bio-Way Farm


Bio-Way Organic Farm is the result of Chris Sermons' desire to transform his father's land from a hunting retreat to a small market farm. Bio-Way Farm was officially established in 2004 and recent additions to the farm include a solar irrigation system as well as a 1,000 sq. foot greenhouse. With the goal of sustainability in mind, they are excited for the opportunity to continue providing fresh produce to Greenville's growing population.

Bioway Farm


Product List

Broccoli Kale Cabbage Cauliflower Turnips
Radishes Carrots Beets Lettuce Sugar Snap Peas
Shitakes Collards Blueberries Bok Choy Chinese Cabbage
Kohlrabi Tomatoes Peppers Squash Eggplant
Beans Cucumbers Irish Potatoes Sweet Potatoes Scallions
Onions Muscadines Mustard Greens Watermelon Edamame
Sunchokes Native Plants Blueberry Plants Vegetable Plants Okra
Summer Squash Basil Mint Cantaloupe Corn
Eggs Asparagus Chard