Holliday's Veggie Patch

Holliday's Veggie Patch is a family-run conventional farm, located in Belton, SC, owned and managed by Andy Holliday. Currently, the farm consists of approximately 40 acres of cultivated land. During the growing season, their produce can be purchased at various places throughout the Upstate.

Hollidays Veggie Patch


Product List

Fruits & Vegetables          
Cabbage Eggplant Green Beans Peaches Cantaloupes English Peas
Blackberries Beets Onions Figs Pumpkins Kale
Banana Peppers Bell Pepper Broccoli Cauliflower Lettuce Honeydews
Collard Greens Cayenne Pepper Crowder Peas Corn Cucumbers Jalapenos
Irish Potatoes Okra Yellow Squash Tomatoes Mustard Greens Watermelons
Sweet Potatoes Zucchini Brussels Sprouts Carrots Acorn Squash Edamame
Herbs Kohlrabi Rutabega Radishes Patty Pan Squash Strawberries
Apple Pies Peach Jam Strawberry Jam Blackberry Jam
Fig Preserves Muscadine Jelly Chow-Chow Squash Relish
Squash Pickles Cucumber Pickles Pepper Jelly Pepper Relish
Okra Pickles Zuchinni Pickles Salsa Apple Butter
Fall Mums      
Field of vegetables
Farmer with lettuce
Vegetable stand