Lowes Foods Front Porch

Lowes Foods is a family-owned grocery store that's been based in the Carolinas for 60 years and counting. The company considers itself a part of the communities where its stores are located and makes every effort to help grow those communities. With a strong commitment to supporting local farms and businesses, Lowes Foods is truly your homegrown grocer.

Market Music

The TD Saturday Market will feature a diverse selection of live music each week for families of all ages in the Lowe's Foods Front Porch activities area. Applications are now open for the 2019 season. More Information

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Cooking Demo

The TD Saturday Market features live cooking demos each week in the Lowes Foods Front Porch. Join us to learn a variety of recipes and cooking tips from local chefs, restaurants, and current TD Saturday Market vendors. Applications are now live for the 2019 season. More Information

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Ashford Band
Darby Wilcox